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I-lipo is the latest in laser lipolysis, offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with
no pain, no needles and no downtime.

How does it work?

The i-lipo uses a low level of visible red laser light to stimulate the body’s natural processes that
empty the stored fat contents inside fat cells.

The laser light gently absorbs into the individual fat cells in the treatment area, temporarily opening pores in the cell wall through which the cell contents can escape. This does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. The contents of the cell are collected by the lympthatic system and transported to areas of the body where they can be metabolised into energy during exercise. This metabolism of the contents permaenetly removes them from the body leaving smaller fat cells and giving you inch loss. ​

We offer lipolysis treatment in Worcester. Our cosmetic clinic can also be reached from Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.

Transion Body Reshaping

Transion for the body

Transion acts upon excess adipose tissue layers, reducing them in just 25 minutes, whilst also toning the muscles at the same time.
Through particular sets of square faradic waves which are unique to Transion, a twisting motion of the muscles is induced. This twisting movement together with the contraction and stretching of the muscles, produces a squeezing and wringing-out effect. This helps with the elimination of trapped excess liquids and soluble substances from the treated area. These released liquids are put back in to circulation and are eliminated in a short period of time through the renal system. This results in an immediate decrease in centimetres in the treated area. As the muscles need energy to perform this movement, it obtains its energy from the adipose tissue that surround the stimulated area. This in turn burns carbohydrates and then the fats in the area. This action helps to speed up the metabolism and aides further with weight loss. As the same time, thanks to the induced muscle exercise, there will be toning and firming of the area.

Achieve transion body reshaping through our weight loss treatment in Worcester. We can also be reached by residents in Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.


Mesotherapy is a treatment founded in France in the 1950’s. Certain medical conditions were treated by injecting small amounts of medicine directly into the problem area. Now used for aesthetic conditions and without the use of needles, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are introduced beneath the skin. All the natural, non-toxic ingredients are introduced to the problem area, therefore improving the condition.

Treatments can be carried out on the face and body. Anti-Aging is a preventative treatment that can prevent and delay visible signs of aging. Skin Toning can help with the dilated capillaries on the face or on the body after child birth or weight loss. Three very difficult areas to treat are cellulite, stretch marks and puffy eyes. Good results can be achieved with a ten week course of mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is offered by our clinic in Worcester, accessible to those in Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.

TriPollar Skin Tightening

Smooth those wrinkles with Regen™ TriPollar™ RF
Regen™ is the first and only skin tightening and cellulite reduction system powered by Tripolar RF technology for the aesthetic market.

Frequency combining mono-polar and bi-polar energy to generate both deep and superficial heating, therefore giving a better rate of lipolysis. It is a safe and relaxing treatment which does not need a cooling system which can reduce the treatment efficacy. This treatment can be carried out on the face and body for tightening the skin, diminishing wrinkles and in the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks. Cellulite is a permanent change in the fat stored under the skin and is therefore almost inevitable for every women. The RF technology provides structural and visible changes not only in the shallow tissues, but most importantly treating the fatty tissue in deeper skin layers. This revolutionary system deals with the root of the cellulite problem and not just the symptoms.

Skin tightening can be achieved at our clinic in Worcester, in range to those in Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.