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We offer thread vein treatment in Worcester, and see clients from Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.

Prominent leg veins are a widespread source of embarrassment. While not life-threatening, they may force you to ‘cover up’ and deny yourself the pleasure of outdoor activity, warm weather and light, free clothing.

In the past, leg veins treatment was painful and invasive, but today this problem can be solved quickly by virtually painless beams of light. In just a few treatments, your unsightly veins will fade from view, while you are able to live life to the full.

Laser light penetrates the skin. Raising the temperature of the blood vessel and safely coagulating it. Treated veins gradually shrink and become less visible or disappear altogether. The laser allows for customised treatments of veins, including some of those that do not respond to other treatment methods.

Multiple sessions spanning several months may be required, but the exact number of treatments varies on your body’s ability to heal and the size of the veins.

Treatments vary from 15-30 minutes and multiple sessions spanning several months may be necessary. A variety of leg veins, ranging from the most superficial to deeper blood vessels respond well to laser therapy.

Visit us in Worcester. We're in proximity to those in Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.