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Chemical Skin Peeling

There are two types of chemical skin peels, Glycolic acid, which is a gentle epidermal peel which removes dead skin cells and surface debris and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and is suitable for all skin types. TCA which is a stronger peel, penetrates deeper into the epidermal layers, giving a longer lasting result. Our skin changes as we age; sun damage, environmental hazards and advancing years leave their mark. Chemical peels can easily and painlessly revert the damage.

Our cosmetic clinic in Worcester is in range for those in Cheltenham, Hereford and Kidderminster.


The VI Peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation and little downtime. Why wait weeks or months for results? Enjoy radiant, younger looking skin in about a week with the VI Peel. Vitality Institute Medical Products. Beautiful skin for a lifetime.

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The Precision Peel is made from the same synergistic blend of ingredients as the VI Peel, but at a higher concentration, for a peel that is about 25% stronger than a VI Peel. The Precision Peel is an excellent addition for treating stubborn hyper pigmentation including melasma, actinic keratosis and age spots on hands, arms or chest. The Precision Peel is to be used in conjunction with the VI Peel.

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A powerful booster and pad system made specifically to treat stubborn melasma and pigmentation. The booster is meant to be used with the VI Peel only.

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A targeted solution to purify blemish prone skin and clear the scars acne leaves behind. Ingredients include Benzol Peroxide to help fight acne and acne scarring.

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What are Chemical Peels?

Aspect Chemical peels are the application of acidic exfoliating agents to the skin to obtain destruction and then regeneration of part of the epidermis and/or dermis.

Chemical peels produce a controlled wound that will result in renewal with the reduction or disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles and superficial depressed scars. Depth and results depend on the strength of agents used. L-Lactic Acid is used in the Aspect Dr peels and the strengths are 20%-Very Superficial 30%-Superficial and 40%-Superficial.

We would generally start with 20% and increase if necessary.

Our chemical peels for acne treatment are available in Worcester, and in proximity to those in Cheltenham, Hereford and Kidderminster.

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