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A top quality range of clinic and home care products for a full and luscious head of hair. Helping people combat hair loss.

Using the most effective hair-enhancement shampoo available in the market which has specially formulated ingredients to maintain scalp vitality and act against follicular dysfunction.

​The active ingredients in our New Hair Renewal Serum strengthens and increases the density of hair whilst extending the Anagen (growing) phase, leading to longer, thicker, healthier hair.

We offer a top quality LED light therapy programme for in-clinic treatments. The LED light encourages the blood circulation to the follicle and so speeds up the hair growth. To complete the range of home care products we include Viviscal Professional, a clinically proven hair growth supplement that promotes hair growth from within.

25 Years of Hair Growth Expertise

We’ve been researching hair for the last 25 years and are very proud to have developed the world’s most clinically proven hair growth supplement. Viviscal is proven to work in 9 clinical trials. These studies were conducted with leading dermatologists worldwide.

Viviscal was originally developed in the late 1980s in Scandinavia with the first clinical trial proving it’s efficacy being published in The Journal for International Medical Research.

Since then, numerous trials have been conducted internationally to prove the efficacy and safety of Viviscal supplements in nourishing thinning hair and promoting existing hair growth from within. The research is notable as Viviscal is totally drug-free and does not contain hormones – which were traditionally the only proven treatment options.

Today, Viviscal supplements are the number 1 hair growth supplement for women in the US* . Over 5 million units have been sold globally since the product’s inception** and 1 box of Viviscal supplements is sold every minute worldwide***.

Our clinic is situated in Worcester, but can be easily accessed from Cheltenham, Kidderminster, and Hereford.